Since 1970 our company GATS Ltd. has been solely occupied with the inspection of materials, trials, measurements and the supervision of technical work (mechanical engineering) with a view to improving the quality of the work. For the service of its clients, GATS Ltd. runs two laboratories, one in Athens and the other in Thessaloniki, both of which are fully equipped and staffed by competent technicians and scientists who have been trained on the specific subjects required, both in Greece and abroad. Clients of GATS Ltd are all the energy industries and most of the industrial constructors through which we have carried out inspections in almost all of the energy related projects in GREECE. Furthermore we have an excellent collaboration with all the certification bodies who are operating in GREECE. Since 1977 GATS Ltd is the sole supplier for non-destructive testing for the ELPE refinery in Thessaloniki.
GATS Ltd. company has worked for a number of years in various foreign countries, as Irak, S.Arabia, Libya etc. GATS Ltd has received the certificate of approval for ISO 9002 from Bureau Veritas Quality International Ltd. (BVQI) since 1991 for Inspections, Destructive and Non Destructive Testing and Thermal Heat Treatment. Also, the accreditation certificate for ISO 17025 and EN 45004 from the Hellenic Accreditation Council (ESYD)
Scope of accreditation for:
• ISO 17025: -Non destructive and Mechanical testing
• EN 45004: -Welding process
Periodic and intermediate inspection of vehicles used in the transportation of dangerous goods by road (ADR).
Furthermore GATS Ltd is a recognized third party organization for the approval of permanent joining procedures and personnel under Annex I, 3.1.2 of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.Our procedures were until recently based on DIN and ASME standards and now we are in the process of changing them based on the EN standards. However depending on customer requirements we are completely capable of working with other standards e.g. ASTM, MIL-STD etc. as we have done many times in the past.